Side One: EP
  • Side One: EP

Side One: EP

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Produced by Matt Waldrum, Tomasina Abate Recorded and Mixed by Matt Waldrum at Compound Music House Mastering - Gene Grimaldi at Oasis Mastering Guitars - Matt Waldrum on tracks 1,3, and solo on Stairway; Robert Stevens on tracks 1,2, and solo on Run To The Hills Bass - Derek Frank Drums - Pat Leon Keys and Keys Arrangements - Stephen Scarr Keys Arrangement Idea “Open Up” “Run To The Hills” - Jon Kubis Photos - Kelly Rice; Kay Bradford Stylist, Hair, and Make-Up - John Coulter Album Design - Brent Kyle Open Up Written by Tomasina Abate Songwriter “Run To The Hills” - Stephen Percy Harris; Publisher - Z Tunes LLC
Songwriters “Stairway To Heaven” - Jimmy Page, Robert Plant; Publisher - Superhype Music Copyright ©℗2014 All Rights Reserved Copyright ℗2014 All Rights Reserved

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