By Dan Kimpel - Song Biz Editor Music Connection Magazine

She rocks and rolls, mesmerizes and inspires: Tomasina blows audiences away. 

Loyal fans know her from Disneyland, where she regularly commands the elevated stage as it rises in futuristic Tomorrowland. On New Years Eve 2015, in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, she rocked a massive gathering of 20,000+ celebrants. “There is a vibrant scene there,” says Tomasina of the fabled theme park. “It is like Disneyland has become my Sunset Strip, my Haight-Ashbury, my Woodstock.” 

Onstage, Tomasina reinvents classic rock anthems with her female point of view. Guns ‘n’ Roses, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and White Stripes: Tomasina flips the script to reveal new facets in these machismo-fueled songs as she makes them her own. “This arch-type makes me powerful,” she says. And it carries a message for her young female fans as she adds, “You don’t need some dude to tell you that you’re great.” 

Tomasina’s own songs project similar attributes; soaring melodic lines that stretch her prodigious vocal range, rhythmic intensity, and compelling choruses. “Hell for the Queen,” a savvy observation on celebrity worship, and the inevitable crucifixions that follow, and “Open Up,” a declaration of setting oneself free, are representative of these crowd-moving anthems. 

Originally from Long Beach, California, Tomasina has rocked venues from Tokyo to Monte Carlo and back to Hollywood. As a student of her craft, she has studied music theory and recording technology. A shift into musical theater enhanced her performance skills as she brought colorful characters to life: the decadently whimsical Sally Bowles in Cabaret, the sassy Sheila Bryant in Chorus Line and the murderous Velma Kelly in Chicago. And while the notices were acclamatory and audiences appreciative, Tomasina realized that the character whom she was most comfortable being was herself. 

The power of social media connects Tomasina to her loyal audience. Through her regular headline shows at Disneyland, she has enlisted a devoted group of followers who pack clubs and concerts at Southern California locales like House of Blues, The Gaslamp, and Bar Lubitsch. And it is a multitude that is expanding every time that she performs. 

“I do see the whole big crowd, but I connect with individuals, especially the kids. I might ask, ‘Hey how are your dreams going? You’ve got to follow them. I’m up here following mine,” or “Look at me -- I’m weird too.’ To let them know that it’s ok to be silly and strong.” 

Fierce, fabulous and endearing, Tomasina is an artist on an ever-ascending musical journey. Beneath the makeup, the glamor, the towering wigs and outrageous costumes -- at the center of Tomasina’s music -- glows immense heart and intense empathy. “I asked a little girl what she wanted to be when she grew up and she answered ‘a person like you,’ she says. “That is one of the nicest moments ever. Helping someone to be herself simply by being Tomasina.” 


Stratospheric vocals, a mesmerizing stage presence and an indomitable spirit – Tomasina is a musical force of nature”

— Dan Kimpel - Song Biz Editor Music Connection Magazine

A star pure and simple.”

— Stan Freese - Disney Legend

Tomasina is hands down, a Powerhouse Performer with an incredible stage presence. I initially used she and her band for Center Stage at D23, where she rocked the house on a daily basis! People set their schedules around her set times. Then, when I needed a headliner for the Creative Arts Emmy's Governors Ball, it was a no brainer. She was nothing short of spectacular, and the Emmys guests were delighted with her set. She's stunning on stage and off, as she is also one of the most professional artists I've had the pleasure of working with. Can't wait to find another reason to have her back, and I unreservedly recommend her for any event. She will lift the energy and get the audience dancing!”

— Michelle Lynskey - Director/Producer/Writer

As far as I’m concerned, one of the most magical things at Disneyland park is a TOMASINA show. I would say this is in large part due to the incredibly talented lead singer, Tomasina, herself. But I’m also a huge fan of the rest of her amazingly talented band too.”